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Lockerby Sheet Metal: What We Do

Lockerby Sheet Metal employees working on the roof of a nearby church Lockerby Sheet Metal offers a variety of services related to air conditioning, heating, sheet metal and roofing. Please contact us for more information about our services. We pride ourselves on the fact that each job or product is tested by people with the knowledge and experience in the field necessary to ensure that your final product does the job you want it to.

Heating, air conditioning and ventilation

We have decades of experience providing heating, air conditioning and ventilation services to both commercial and residential customers. We provide both installation and repair services for Lennox, MCQuay and many other national brands.

Lockerby Sheet Metal employees crafting the marquis for the local Paradise Center for the Arts

Air treatment, heat recovery and exhaust systems; air filtration

We are happy to work with mechanical, electronic, ionization or combination systems.Our technicians can assist with ductwork and furnace fittings design and installation.

Sheet metal work

Our employees are craftsmen with the practical design skills and knowledge to help you create just about anything out of sheet metal. We specialize in manufacturing for prototype and short run productions. If you are having a design problem, contact us for the solution!

We are equipped to handle up to ¼ inch plate steel up to 10 feet long. Shop equipment consisting of state-of-the-art shears, press brakes, air turret machines, punches and plasma cutting equipment are combined with the "old time" tinner skills of our employees, giving us capability no other shop in this area possesses. Tig, mig, arc, spot and gas welding are done to complete projects both in shop and out. Metal stock includes 28 ga. to ¼ inch steel, .32 to ¼ inch aluminum and 24 ga. to 10 ga. stainless steel. Sheet copper, brass and colorclad in at least 8 colors are always available. Square, round and rectangular tubing, flats, rounds and angles in steel, aluminum and stainless are also available.


We work with commercial roofing of all types, such as Carlisle EPDM systems, Bituminous membrane, slate and tile roofs, specialty metals roofing and even traffic area roofing. Our crews are totally mechanized, which allows us to apply a roofing system with greater control and skill than ever before. The experience base of these crews exceeds the combined levels of all others in the area.